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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from wsgiref.simple_server import make_server
from import StaticFileMiddleware
from import main

[docs]def make_dev_server(app, host='', port=8000, noreload=False, script_dir=None, public_dir=None): """ A simple local development server utilizing the existing simple_server module, but allows for serving of static files. Never use this in production. EVER. Example: .. code-block:: python def my_app(environ, start_response): start_response('200 OK', [('Content-Type', 'text/html')]) return [b'<h1>Hello World!</h1>'] if __name__ == '__main__': make_dev_server(my_app) Args: app: A WSGI callable host: The host to bind to port: The port noreload: Whether or not to automatically reload the application when source code changes. """ wrapped_app = StaticFileMiddleware(app, initial_dir=public_dir) if not noreload: main(__run_server, (wrapped_app, host, port), script_dir=script_dir) else: try: __run_server(wrapped_app, host, port) except KeyboardInterrupt: print('\nTerminated.')
def __run_server(app, host, port): print( 'Serving application at http://{0}:{1} in your favorite browser...'.format(host, port)) httpd = make_server(host, port, app) httpd.serve_forever()